Austin, TX - Momo's (round 2)

Once again the Powell family shows us their kind hospitality. Due to the cancellation of our House of Blues show, the Powells are going to enjoy our company until we have to leave for LA. This saddens us as much as it causes delight. A show is cancelled, but we get to eat really good food. Such is life.

We knew when we were planning our second trip out to the west coast, wanted to hit up Momo's in Austin again. It just has a nice atmosphere, it sounds good in there, staff is awesome. We were fortunate enough to get a time slot on a day we could do it, so I know we were all looking forward to it in our own little ways.

Simply because a time slot was available for us to play in doen't always mean it is the best slot for us. At this stage in the game we will take anything. As we should. But closing the night after sitar, soprano sax and tabla night is pushing it. Some how we got tacked onto the end of 'World Music Night' at Momo's, which I believe is what happened last time.

"And now, representing America, 'Tucker Jameson & the Hot Mugs'!"

It was a late night but a chill one. We had some great Mexican food, drank good beer in the air conditioning. Set for us started at midnight, so we played till about one, but not after relaxing with our friends who had come out to see us. Then we drove back to Houston.

I am thankful that Blake & Taylor's bass playing dad has quite an extensive bass library. I'm workout my Victor Wooten chops this week with Victor's self-transcribed book. There will be much swimming done this week, much practicing, drinking, hanging, all with lots of food. Not a bad week.

We leave for LA in 6 days and I head to Kansas City in 8. Looking forward to seeing the KC peeps. I want to go to a Chiefs' game.



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