Harrisburg, PA - IndieBarn.com Summer Fest

I'm just thankful we're all okay after last night; free vodka was a little too tempting for some people. We're all safe in the van on our way to Philadelphia right now, don't worry, but we definitely had to go looking for a band member, and eventually found him in an ambulance saying he thought he was in New Jersey. He has been reprimanded and ridiculed. He will not live this one down any time soon. :D

Last night at the IndieBarn.com Summer Fest was our most diverse show ever. IndieBarn.com networks bands, artists, film dudes, models and fashion designers, and this was just one of their summer events. The bill was full of R&B/Hip-hop artists, a poetry slam artist, and modern rock, punk, and blues rock bands. It was so much fun, boundaries fell down last night. My favorite act of the night, The Burning State, put on an awesome set of hard rock originals but threw 2 amazing rocked-out covers, 'Umbrella' by Rhianna and 'Billy Jean' by the only Michael Jackson.

Our set was a lot of fun. Lots and lots of energy on that tiny stage.

We just got to Philadelphia, after taking the bridge to Jersey on accident (navigator fail, minus 1 team Jon), in time though for load in. Actually we're early. Woot. We're playing at a Dave & Buster's so we're gonna go eat a delicious meal and play some games before our load in. :D



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