Niantic, CT - Music For Music Festival

Last night was pretty fun. We played for an hour and a half which, for us, was a really long set. I loved it though, everything's different when you play long sets; how you interact with the crowd, song order. The tough part is staying entertaining for that long. But people seemed to have a great time, it was a pretty chill environment and people would stop to watch from the sidewalk (it was an outdoor show on busy street on a beautiful night, so there were people around). It was fun playing all of the songs we have to play too, that's a real challenge remembering words and changes but I was proud of us, we done good last night.

We're headed out to Philadelphia right now to play at the Summer Festival, a combined music, film and fashion festival. Then tomorrow night we're at a Dave & Busters outside of Philly. I'm excited for D&B's. It's like an adult Chuck E. Cheese. :D

Peace for now,



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