Kingwood, TX - Nico's

Last night's show was truly the homecoming show of Blake (guitar) and Taylor (drums) and David (keys/guitar). The local support was stronger than ever and we cleaned house merch-wise. We stayed at Blake and Taylor's parents house and will be back there after our show in Dallas tonight, so huge thank you to the Powells! Mr. & Mrs. Powell have been so hospitable, putting us up last night, feeding us breakfast this morning, and sending us off this morning with a cooler full of snacks and drinks. Papa Powell even set up a super nice sound system with a buddy of his for our show last night. So needless to say, we cancelled our hotel in Dallas tonight and are gonna drive back to stay at their house again. :D

Back to the show. Last night was a blast. Nico's is a local bar with a little area to set up a PA, holds about a hundred people. We booked the show only a few days ago in lieu of a cancelled show. Since this was gonna be a chill show mostly for family and friends Blake had the idea to put together a half hour blues set as a trio to open up the night just for fun, but it turned out awesome! Blake, Taylor and I played some John Mayer Trio, Jimi Hendrix, Edgar Winter Group, some shuffle blues. I really hope we do more of that. Taylor is such a good lead singer from the drums and Blake really rips in a blues setting. The Hot Mugs is fun music, but the trio thing was exciting for us because we got to let loose for a half hour. A half hour to play what ever you want. Awesome.

It was a packed house last night! Friends of the Powells, Austin our road haus, and David. And with a really long Hot Mugs set, it made for an awesome night of music. People seemed to have a great time. The cool thing was that it felt like we had the support to play longer if we had any more songs, a feeling I keep getting here in Texas. Hmm...

Headed to Dallas now but we'll be back in Houston area in the the middle of the night; it's about a 4 hour drive between the two cities. Wish us luck,



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