New Haven, CT - Toad's Place

Toad's place is one of America's historic mid-sized clubs, one of those clubs that can have a wall of fame that actually has names you recognize and regularly listen to on it. We pulled out every once of energy we had tonight in honor of the mojo-filled stage. Besides, just imagining one of the smudges on stage being a drop of Keith Richards' sweat was plenty of inspiration. We had a bunch of Tucker's friends there tonight, it's always good to see them. They bring so much energy to the show because they know Tucker so well, and he feeds off of them. They really do put a bigger smile on his face.

Toad's stage is a large, wide stage with plenty of room to run side to side, but not much room front to back. It makes a for an interesting look for us. We've always had trouble getting our drummer Taylor's face in view, but this stage let us set up in a way that you could see all of our pretty faces. I definitely knocked over a mic or two because it was tight front to back, but it was a blast having all that room side to side.

We played a different set list last night, well, sort of different, and we busted out a couple oldies, so for interest sake:
Train Tracks
One Night
Summer of Dreams
Easy Livin'
Best Friend's Sister
Get High
I Don't Give a Damn

I'm loving 'Get High' lately. It's such a fun song to play live. Blake has a killer solo, and Dave and I jump around the entire time.

Next stop, Manhiem, PA! I'm super excited for this gig: it's at a LaserDome. Oh yeah, that means free laser tag! Super duper excited. We just found out we'll be spending the night too, so we can laser tag alllll night long. Awesome.

So, my next iPod/iPhone game recommendation. 'GT Racing' completely fulfills my desire for a Gran Turismo play-a-like to take with me everywhere.

Happy Fourth of July weekend everybody!



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