Chicago, IL - Goose Island

We've never played Chicago before. I personally haven't and the band as an entity hasn't. Although we dreaded the 16 hour drive it would take to get us here, excitement was surface level the entire time. I got the flu Monday night-ish, and really started to take a toll on me Tuesday, the day we left CT, through thursday afternoon, right before our show.(feeling fine now, thank you). My fever subsided an hour or two before we were due to go on which I was very grateful for, so I was free to just spend the rest of my energy on the show and look forward to passing out afterwards. After a good night's rest last night I feel better except for the typical leftover sore throat, but I'll take that over my status the last three days anytime.

We got to Chicago a day early to celebrate the 21st birthday of our guitar player, Blake. So while the underaged and myself hung out at the hotel, the rest of the guys stormed Chicago till the early morn. Everyone came back safe but I don't think the remembered much.

Our show was at the Goose Island Brewery, a popular bar literally 50 yards from Wrigley Field. The Cubs were away today but there were still plenty of people there, not to mention all those who came out that night for the music.

Wonderful night in Chicago. Off to Barrington, IL for our show at the Penny Road Pub.



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