Manhiem, PA - LaserDome

Driving back right now from our hotel in Manhiem. What a show! I've never been so distracted by the lighting in a show I was playing before. The hall at LaserDome is traditionally used for laser light shows to popular music such as Pink Floyd, U2, Rianna, ect. But in an effort to promote local music they set up a PA and let bands perform there while the LaserDome staff put on a laser show to their music. Talk about epic! The hall, which was literally a dome, had pretty rough acoustics but the light show made for such a cool looking show. Here are a couple shots I took of one of the other bands during their set:

No pics of us last night unfortunately, I think we forgot our camera. : /

The promise of free laser tag rang loud and true last night. Blake (guitar), David (keys) and Austin (road haus) absolutely obliterated the opposition in their game. We also had our fill of free arcade games.

Openers The Varsity and headliners, The Riot were very nice, although we all would've loved to try and pwn each other in a Band vs. Band. vs. Band laser tag game. It just didn't happen. After a late night party with the locals and a mild night sleep we're all quite tired and ready for an afternoon nap and evening of fireworks in Weston, CT.

Actually, now I'm really looking forward to the fireworks part.



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