The Real Adventure Begins

The next two weeks will be where boys become men in the touring world. Here's our schedule:

July 8 - Chicago, IL : Goose Island
July 9 - Barrington, IL : Penny Road Pub
July 10 - Indianapolis, IN : Lizards
July 14 - W. Hollywood, CA : Whiskey-A-Go-Go
July 16 - Las Vegas, NV : The Freakin' Frog
July 17 - W. Hollywood, CA : The Viper Room
July 20 - Austin, TX : Momo's Club
July 22 - Kingwood, TX : House show
July 23 - Dallas, TX : Fat Daddy's S.S.
July 29 - Spring City, PA : Chaplin's Music Cafe
July 30 - Niantic, CT : Pro Tek Auto "Music for Music" Festival

I know we are all very happy to see the rest of the country now. There's gonna be a lot of family at shows due to our connections especially in LA and Texas.
Presently we are in Ohio on our way to Chicago.

Some of us were a little sleepy. I'm pretty sick as I type this so I was relieved of driving duties, but the rest of the guys have been driving since 2 am last night. We're making decent time and spirits are high.

Looking forward to sharing how this leg of the tour goes.



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