Gear Shopping in LA

I love Los Angeles because of the gear selections available. Vintage basses, hard to find pedals, brands of amps I've always wanted to try, it's got it all. Here are a couple pics of basses I really want now as a result of yesterday.

No way. It's the Metalocalypse bass:
That bass was amazing, by the way. Yesterday really made want to have a real job so I could afford all of the wonderful instruments I played. Don't worry, the feeling was short lived and I quickly remembered I'm not any good at anything else.

I made one purchase yesterday: a MarkBass Super Synth. I'm so excited to share clips and a review, it's just gonna have to wait until we get a break in the tour. I'm just too busy right now! But I'm loving the pedal; looking forward to really spending some time with it.

Tonight we're off to the Whiskey A-Go-Go to play. It's just down the street so I'm going to spend the day relaxing here by the pool and enjoying the gorgeous LA weather.



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