Dallas, TX - Fat Daddy's Sound Shack

So this will be my last blog for a bit, we're gonna take a couple days and break here in Houston and enjoy the hospitality of the Powell's. They've been so awesome. I sit here and type eating homemade breakfast burritos and salsa with fresh cantaloupe and coffee. Mrs. P is such a great cook.

It's always fun visiting the childhood homes of your friends because their parents usually have pictures up that they like, but their children don't. And in the age of camera phones, it's very easy to nonchalantly take quick shots of these mildly embarrassing pictures for your blog. :D

:sigh: Payback will be sweet, I'm sure.

Yesterday we drove to Dallas for a show at Fat Daddy's Sound Shack, one of the only venues in Dallas that you can basically say you want to play, show up, and play. Unfortunately we were booked with all hard-core metal bands, but we impressed them a good deal I think. The other bands and their fans were very supportive and listened to us just like they did the other two bands. Last night, for me, was just another example of how patient and interested Texan listeners are. Fat Daddy's was full of character, the walls were covered in the graffiti of bands who wanted to leave their mark; it was a little dark so I couldn't get a great shot of it. I figured out pretty quick who 'Fat Daddy' was:

It was a great show. Here are a couple highlights:

Oh yeah, the graffiti made it to the bathroom too.

"Happy day-off to you, Jon!" Oh, why thank you! I'm gonna go chill by the pool now.




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