Arrival in West Hollywood

So due to a lack of internet access the last couple days, I thought I'd blog all of the tweets I've wanted to make on this leg of our adventure.

After our show in Indianapolis, IN at Lizard's I drove to St. Louis, MO and then the last hour or so to Kansas City, MO where my parents live and we had planned on staying the night. It was so good to have dinner with them, walk the dog with my mom and chat and catch up with my dad. My siblings were there too and it was awesome to see them. (Olivia, thank you so much for the cookies. The other guys still don't know about them yet :D)

With a huge drive from Kansas City to Los Angeles, we got an early start on our epic 24 hour drive. Kansas is not a fun drive, but I think that part of the drive is beautiful. I love the huge skies and great expanses of farmland. After Kansas came Colorado, which is infinitely more captivating than Kansas. I love the feeling of being dwarfed by towering mountains. Tucker enjoyed driving through the first part of Colorado so much he drove till sunset.

After sleeping through the night, I woke up to find us switching drivers in the desert of Nevada just outside of Las Vegas. Driving through the desert is a different kind of beauty, and overwhelming in another sense. It's a wonderful drive from Missouri to LA, but I would recommend doing it in more than 24 hours. :D

The weather is amazing here in Las Angeles. We're now waiting on a couple guys to shower so we can go guitar shopping. LA, due to it's historically rich music scene, is also know for it's collection of vintage guitars all over the place. Wish us luck.



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