Milford, CT - Daniel St. Club

The Daniel St. Club is in downtown Milford, which has a really happening weekend night life in the summer. People were everywhere either walking to clubs and bars or riding around the block in their shiny, weekend-only muscle cars. We were opening for a couple local acts Mercury Seed and the Mike Cusato Band, who frequent the Daniel St. stage. Daniel St. had by far the best sound, lighting rig, and vibe out of all the shows we've played thus far. I love being able to hear everything on stage, it makes me a happy bass player. Here are some shots from last night taken by Kenny, our merch-man extraordinaire.

The band is looking at upgrading the Powershot camera we use; it's hard to get good action shots with bright stage lights and really dark audience lighting.

They had this really cool ledge thing in the front we could all stand on; it was incredibly rock star.

Tonight we're in New Haven, CT playing at the famed Toad's Place, where all the great bands played at some point in their career. Check it:

So, yeah. Awesome. We're looking forward to seeing some friendly faces there tonight as well, so it should be a very fun show!



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