Barrington, IL - Penny Road Pub

We had a show last night. It wasn't spectacular, but some more of Tucker's family's friends came out last night so there was plenty of support. The bar tenders really liked us, which are good people to have like you. They were really nice. I fell in love with one of them. She was really cute.

After last night I thought I would be listening to Pink Floyd for the next week (we played with a REALLY good PF cover band last night) but instead I'm going to have Bon Iver on repeat. This guy is so soothing. It's kind of the definition of Indie, but it's the perfect 'post-gig, chill out, clear your head and drive back to the hotel' music.

There are plenty of good shots from last night, but I only feel like sharing this amazing photo-bomb by our drummer, Taylor:

Amazing. Simply amazing. Driving through Indiana right now towards Indianapolis. Dave's driving. Haha. We're stuck in traffic.



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