Las Vegas, NV - The Freakin' Frog

Las Vegas was a blast. We got here a day early to spend a night enjoying the night atmosphere and just to see the town; most of us had never been to Vegas. Collectively the band left on top, but mostly thanks to David. He was lady luck last night at the black jack tables. Our collective 'score' was also reflective of most of us not gambling at all, being neither helpful or hurtful. I personally lost the 6 dollars I saved for gambling pretty quickly at the penny slots. Oh well. Our Thursday night was quite enjoyable. We found 32 oz margaritas.

It felt like a great deal until we saw the 100 oz ones.

We played at the Freakin' Frog last night, a bar about a half mile off the strip. The gig it self was a little weird, the other band backed out and we had a lot of gear malfunctions, but it was still fun.

The Freakin' Frog has over 700 beers and 600 whiskeys ready to serve, and we got a private tour of the whiskey room. It was awesome. We tried a rare bourbon that tasted amazing. Last night wasn't our best show, but the whiskey room totally made up for it.

Back to LA for a show at the Viper Room! Another vibe-y club I'm very excited to play. I'm ready to get out of this desert heat. It's been an average 103 degrees up here, so I look forward to the balmy 90s in LA. See you at the Viper Room,



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