Spring City, PA - Chaplin's Music Cafe

Add another venue to the 'Mojo Filled Stages We've Played on This Summer' list. Last night in Spring City, a town 40 minutes outside of Philly, we played in the acoustically perfect venue that Charlie Chaplin and other pre-movie era performers would perform in the early 1900s. The space would've been an awesome acoustic-only venue, but they obviously spent some money with their sound system to make it just right (not too live, not too dead) for electric bands with drummers. Chaplin's was a BYOB club too, which helped put off this intimate coffee shop vibe, which is hard to do with an electric band but I think we did okay.

I really enjoyed the artist we played after, Spencer Mulder. He had such a great voice and a really good band. We hit it off too, talking to them after our sets for quite a while. Good guys. Their from Grand Rapids, Michigan but are looking at heading down to Texas to check it out, so hopefully we'll see them again this fall.

In other news, I've committed to Austin, Texas as my next destination. I've thought a lot about this and I think it's gonna be the best place for me after this tour's over. I'm gonna miss my friends in the north east, but it is just not the place for me right now. I can totally see myself going back some time in the future, but not any time soon. It feels sad to commit to moving; I made arrangements with my folks about moving this week, but I know it's what I want to do. Being in Texas last week really affirmed a lot of guesses I had been making. I met Christian artist Robbie Seay and his bass player, Ryan Owens and became quite inspired to follow my desires to be in the Christian music scene as well, which Texas supports in a big way. Austin was such a cool town, I could totally imagine living there. I'll be moving sometime in September, as soon as I find a place. This is gonna be good. I'll keep up with details as I make more decisions about that.

On our way back to the north east to play in Connecticut tonight. We head back to Pennsylvania tomorrow, but it'll be nice to sleep in a familiar bed tonight.



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