Los Angeles - Whiskey A-Go-Go

What a fun night in LA last night. We played at the Whiskey A-Go-Go on the Sunset strip, which is famous for being a popular venue for all of the great bands of the 70s. The Whiskey was a spring board for bands like The Byrds, Alice Cooper, The Doors, Frank Zappa's Mothers of Invention, and Otis Redding. The Whiskey was also a spot where British performers would headline LA on their first tours of the US. Bands like Led Zeppelin, Oasis, The Who, and Cream. This was our second mojo-filled stage on this tour; the first being Toad's Place in New Haven, Connecticut. The Whiskey has a pro sound team, and cool lighting and a great bar staff. It really is one of the coolest places to play music in LA.

Thanks to David (keyboards/guitar), there was a great showing for our gig. David worked at ASCAP just down the street and brought out a lot of his friends that he made over his time in LA. Family of Tucker's flew out to support the band as did family of the Powells (Blake & Taylor, guitar and drums).

Even though last night was a great gig, the best part about LA for me has been visiting with my two friends Ryan Smith and Brian Werthiem. Both of them I met in Boston at Berklee and spent a lot of time with them making music and being friends. Ryan and I were in a band called The Powers That Be, traveled together in support of the band, and made a lot of music together in church up in Boston. Ryan and I are still great friends even though he's been here in LA for the last 2 years. Ryan works here as a performer, writer and producer. Brian is here on an
internship through Berklee working with a film composer. Brian and I have been great friends as well because he was the roommate of the leader of a band I was in. We've hung out a lot doing silly things around Boston and having deep conversations about the inter workings of life and spirituality. It was so refreshing to see them both. The time I spent with them recharged me in the way that good friends do.

I now await the signal to load up the van to head to Las Vegas. The band elected to spend an extra day in Vegas before our show tomorrow night at the Freakin' Frog. After that we're back in LA for a show at the Viper Room. Prayers for safety and a theft-less trip to Vegas would be appreciated. :D



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