Pittsburgh, PA - The Altar Bar

After a couple days of breaking in Boston, we headed out to Pittsburgh, PA for a single show at the Altar Bar. The 'Altar' Bar in uptown Pittsburgh is rocking the 'church converted to a venue' renovations. A two story club with a balcony section and bar upstairs, it was definitely one of the cooler places we've played this summer. They get a lot of major acts in there too. I don't know if you saw my Twitter post last night, but Vanilla Ice is playing there in 4 days. They can get some bigger acts, if only the washed up ones, but should any roll through
they have the facilities to handle them; I believe I saw that the Method and Red men would be performing there in October.

The show was fun, big stages always are. I got hooked on bigger shows when the Video Game Orchestra got to perform for seven thousand people one time. So any time the stage has a little more room it makes me a little more crazy.

Good to play again, but now we have an even longer break. We all have to go to Boston to pack our stuff. I'm already packed for the most part, so I'm gonna do a recording session and just hang out with my friends for one of the last times for a while. It's gonna be sad moving from such a cool town where so many of my friends are. I'm blessed with good people.

I'm recording with Video Game Orchestra this weekend so I'll post some pictures and maybe an audio sample...



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