Allentown, PA - Crocodile Rock

Greetings Internets!

We're in the van right now on our way back from Allentown. Austin, our trusty helping hand on this tour, is controlling the iPod and he's on a 311, Incubus, Chili Peppers kick right now, which is A-Okay with me. So as we groove to 311's "Love Song", I thought I'd tell you guys how the past 24 hours have been.

We were in great musical company last night at the Crocodile Rock VIP room in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The other bands, such as
Abel, My Arcadia, and RoseDale, kicked butt. Everybody brought a really polished show with them. Due to some booking/promotion mixups there were a whole lot of people there, but with 6 bands present for the night, all the bands had a lot of fun enjoying each other's music and talking one-on-one (you don't always get the freedom to do that). Kevin (of the band Abel) and I had a great conversation after our sets just talking about life on the road. We ended up knowing some of the same people out in the midwest (were I hail from)!

I was happy with our set, it was short but we came out swinging. We've been sticking with a very similar song set, so for fear of becoming redundant, I'm not gonna post it again. :D Pennsylvania I guess had been having a humidity spell, so even though it was beautiful out last night, the venue itself was incredibly hot. But you know, performances always feel better when you're dripping in sweat; you really feel like you giving the world something of worth their time.

After the show we spent a good portion of the evening at a local diner chatting it up with some old friends of Tucker's who had come out to see the show. So, an Impressive night of music and friendship, new and old, all around.

Today and tomorrow are off days, so we'll be rehearsing and getting some other stuff done, then off to Boston on thursday! Happy tuesday everybody, talk to you soon,



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