Hamden, CT - The Space

The other day Wii Fit said my fitness age was 33... that's not cool. So after I pwn'd some Wii Fit and took a swim this afternoon, I thought I'd share with you guys how last night went!

Awesome turnout in Hamden! It was great to see all of the wonderful people who support the music out there. The Space is a cool all ages basement club attached to a vintage arcade and record shop above it. It's a really popular venue for local bands, so we saw some very impressive and some not-so-impressive music last night. It has a great owner, Steve, who is the nicest guy.

We were in between the two local acts and the two headliners, and that's typically the best spot, so were stoked about that! Overall a great night for us. A fan last night gave us a video of our set so I thought I'd share a clip with you. Enjoy!



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