NYC (electric show) - The Alphabet Lounge

Late start today due to my 11pm bus ride back to Boston from New York last night; got in at 3am. : / But all is well. : D

We rocked the house down last night in Alphabet City. It was a good thing we did too because the ears of guitar legend Gene Cornish of
The Rascals were checking us out! He's not too well know now a days but he was inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame in 97'. We knew he was gonna be there so we really tried to put on a special show, and I think we succeeded.

He came up to us after the show and was very complementary and talked to Tucker for quite a while. I don't know if anything will come of this, but I do know he's trying to get back into the business somehow... cross your fingers.

The Alphabet Lounge itself is a small club with a really long bar that spans the length of the 30 yard deep building. Its cozy and could be fairly intimate, if it weren't for the cockroaches, loud experimental techno bands, and lack of air conditioning; that stuff just makes it sticky.

I'm back in Boston right now for Berklee's Music For Video Games Workshop: a industry-minded immersive program in which students write and record scored music for video games with the help of active video game composers. A group that I'm a member of, the Video Game Orchestra is supplying all of the session musicians for student recordings that will happen this weekend. It will be an epic weekend as we reunite with award-winning composer Wataru Hokoyama, a special guest professor for the program as well as one of VGO's past guest conductors.

Sunday night the rest of the Hot Mugs are coming up to Boston for our show at the Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge (472 Mass. Ave, 10pm) so I'll be making bass noise all over the city this weekend. I'll be back with pics from the workshop.

Peace, love and good happiness stuff,


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