Boston: Video Game Music and 8 Year-Old Shredders

This weekend was definitely one to remember. I lived the last 4 years of my life in Boston, MA but this is the first time I've been there with no intention of being at a school in any capacity. I now treasure that adult feeling of walking around knowing I'm there for business and pleasure instead the responsibilities that come with seeking graduation. Playing music with people I like is a joy I've had all throughout my music life, but cool part about life now is that most people will pay you to play with your friends. When I first thought about that I just started laughing. I feel so blessed to do what I really like to do, with my friends, receive payment for it, and have every time I do so be an opportunity to do it another time in another place with new friends. Musician life is crazy.

For the Music For Video Games Workshop at Berklee this weekend, the Video Game Orchestra was asked to provide a string quintet and a rhythm section for the recording sessions of student projects. The session leader for the Weekend was Wataru Hokoyama, a killer composer, fellow coffee addict and all around great guy. We've worked with him before playing a piece of his for a VGO concert and it was so good to see him again and to work alongside a musician of his creativity and professionalism. We also worked with Go Shiina, another Japanese composer, famous for his work in Tales of Legendia, Tekken and Mr. Driller, and got to read a piece he'd written for an upcoming game. I could talk up how cool that was, but I'll spare you the nerd-out session.

Last night the Hot Mugs came up and we headlined a show at the Middle East Downstairs, playing to mostly my friends from VGO and church. It was an especially fun show for me because of that, even though I had problem after problem with my gear (no worries, it's fixed). But one of the highlights of the night for everyone was having this 8 year old kid melt our faces off:

No joke this little guy was the best guitarist there, hands down. We were all amazed, envious and proud at the same time. It was an honor to hear him play; I hope he goes far.

Well, I'm spending the rest of the day in Boston while the rest of the band headed back to Connecticut this afternoon. I'll meet up with them in the morning for our all day rehearsal. The longest time away from home is about to begin! Starting Wednesday we will be our for exactly one month. Much to come!



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