Lynbrook, NY - The Purple Frog

The Purple Frog in Lynbrook, NY was such a good show. We were on fire. Here's the set list from last night:

Train Tracks
One Night
Charlotte (Don't Be a Bitch)
Summer of Dreams
Turn Around
Get High
Summer Whine
Last Train Home
I Don't Give a Damn

We met some really cool people, some good bands. Shout out to Mina Attella from Infiction! We had a great time chatting and watching The Still Life late into the evening. We found a sick hibachi place around the corner from The Purple Frog and ate like kings before the time came to load in and rock out. We rocked out HARD. I almost fell over once or twice and we had so much energy that stage looked realllll small. Even though it already was, haha. There's nothing like local bar to show what your made of. Bars like the one we played last night are the battle grounds where we prove our wits, courage and balls and, in return, claim our rights to be rock stars. lml

We're really looking forward to playing in the city tonight. New York City is such a fun city to play in. It always feels like an adventure.

8pm @ The Studio @ Webster Hall; 3rd Ave. & 11th if you're in NYC tonight! The bill tonight is loaded with really good bands tonight. We're excited to be humbled by great music all night.

Happy Saturday to you all! See you in NY!



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