NYC - Angels & Kings (acoustic show)

I'm really starting to like playing in New York. This is the 3rd time we've come down to play from Connecticut and last night was no shift from the usual fun we have down here.

Angels & Kings is at 11th st. & Ave. A, in East Village. Monday's at A&K are acoustic nights, so from 7pm - 4am bands promote their electric shows with special chilled out sets and singer-songwriters try out new songs for warm, cheering crowds. The small street-level club had a strong sense of community; it seemed like everyone there had friends around them. The man-den vibe was heavy with it's dark red walls, goth-y lighting and projection of the movie ScarFace on the back wall. One of the more distinguishing characteristics of A&K is the miscellany of celebrity mug shots all around the club. James Brown, Kid Rock, Frank Sinatra and Jimi Hendrix were some of my favorites. But seriously, the coolest part was this:

Taylor (drums), Tucker (Vox, guitar), David (keys), Austin (road haus), Blake (guitar), Kenny (merch/other), myself (bass). Hopefully that's the closest we get to real mug shots this summer.
: /

I always say that we met a bunch of cool people, but last night was no exception. The promoter was cool, the sound guy and his photographer girlfriend were awesome, the bands showed up early and listened to us, bar tender was the man; all around we were in A-class company last night.

I loved the vibe so much I want to go back and play more often. It's especially nice playing to crowds that listen to your lyrics as well as the rest of the music. They listen with more thoughtfulness, and the club provides the intimacy necessary for that kind of listening.

Off to rehearse for a couple days before we're back in the city to play at the Alphabet Lounge on Thursday! I'm thinking a day trip for fun on thursday... Also! This is exciting. I'm going back up the Boston for the weekend to play sessions and a show with the Video Game Orchestra! I've missed them, it's gonna be a good time to see all my Boston-peeps. More details to come on this weekend, but for now up up and away to the rehearsal barn. swoosh



betty said...

Nice hat.

bob kolar said...

I'm thinking this puts a whole new spin on the "Hot Mugs" thing. You should run with it. It's more bad boyish than the cup of coffee vibe.

Jon Kolar said...

Hahaha, agreed.

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